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The second-generation Dakota began development in 1991 and frozen for production in January 1994.

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Do brakes and wheel bearings need to be changed at same time?

The mechanic says that front brakes and wheel bearings need to be replaced on my 2002 Dodge Dakota. There is some pulsating sometimes when braking and can feel the brakes skip on a hard stop. Are the wheel bearings a part of the braking system or separate component? Is it better to replace the bearings while having the brakes worked on ?

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to the person that answered my question thanks. I just bought the used truck so if anyone caused the warped rotor his driving was the issue. thank you

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I agree. I'd also stay away from the "mechanic" who told you this.

I would have somebody else check the rotor runout. It's a simple thing and will confirm the reason for the pulsating. Who knows, maybe you do need wheel bearings, but it's pretty unusual, and warped rotors are pretty common. If they are warped, replace them, don't have them resurfaced. They are not expensive. You'll have to replace the brake pad too. Why did this happen? Maybe you are one of those drivers who keeps their foot on the brake while they drive, overheating the rotors and ruining your gas mileage too??

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No. Your rotors are warped and that is the pusating that you are feeling when braking.

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