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Procesador G5 1.6, 1.8 o 2 GHz

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Starts to boot - then black screen with cursor

This is my friends computer.

Originally (and suddenly) he couldn't get it to boot properly.

  • Got the "tone" and the white apple screen . . .
  • Then a blue screen . . .
  • Then black . . .
  • Then blue again . . .
  • Then back to black but can see the cursor

Sometimes he could get it to boot but after trying to do anything it would go all "funky"


  • File windows wouldn't navigate properly - any action like resizing or scrolling caused ghosts on the screen
  • The cursor has a little clear stripe running vertically through the middle of it . . .
  • There's also a something like a box of vertical black line dots flickering around the cursor many times

Also it would get the gray "need to restart computer" screen in 4 languages when ever trying to open a program or even sometimes without doing anything

  • * * *

After trying a bunch of stuff like running Disk Utility and Applejack I was able to stabilize it enough to where when opening with "Safe Boot" he could back up the files he needs to save . . .

I did a soft re-install of the operating system . . .

Still didn't boot properly unless in "Safe Boot" . . .

I've since done a clean install including wiping the hard drive . . .

Still doesn't boot properly without Safe Boot and the cursor is still messed up . . .

Does anybody have any ideas for me?


I needed to boot from "Installation CD" for Disk Utilities as well as both the re-install and the clean install . . .

Still had and have the graphics problems

After the erase and clean install I'm sure it's some kind of hardware problem . . .

The only thing that really changed after all the things I did before is that once I can log in I don't get the gray screen telling me to restart

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Plus for a well stated question, and trouble-shooting.

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Have you tried to boot into an installation CD, or any other diagnostics DVD? If not try that and see if the system acts erratically. Being that you Zero'ed the Drive and re-installed the software, it is starting to look like a Hardware issue. Maybe a CPU or GPU with bad solder joints, or the infamous Capacitor issue you hear so much about. But, before we draw any conclusions, lets try booting from an installation CD or an external drive with a bootable OS on it.

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