I'm working on a project to make the microphone work on Linux with this model (air1,1 early 2008). To do so, information about the microphone pin assignments (at the codec level) are needed to write a driver, and I think they are very model specific and can be found on the complete schematics.

I already posses the REV. B.0.0 schematics, but it is incomplese, as not all sheets are included; in particular, schematics for other similar models show indications like CODEC INPUT/OUPUT SIGNAL PATHS together with a table of VREF and other values, which I believe should be available for my model as well and help writing a driver.

Another thing that may help, is the full audio codec pinouts, which sould be similar but not equal to the Realtek ALC885 datasheed available online. Again, they might be present in the full schematics for this model.

One could either try to look for complete schematics, or something like audio/LIO, but up to now I've been unlucky.

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