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La Canon PowerShot A470 es una cámara digital compacta de 7.1 megapíxeles, anunciada en enero de 2008.

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Lens will not retract hence the camara is now unusable

I changed the batteries as the old ones had run out, once I replaced the battery the lens would not retract. It states on the windows shut off camera and try again yet all I get is a strange whirring noise from the lens as if it is trying to retract but something is stopping it.

I have not dropped the camera it is only a year old and hardly used it. HELP as this was my 40th birthday present from my sister.

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If it was working before the battery change then I suspect something is wrong with the batteries. Remove them and install a fresh set being very careful of the battery polarity and make double sure they are the correct type. If you are still having problems get back to us. Good luck.

If you need it I am including a link for the manual.

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The above answer is wrong. The problem is definitely NOT the batteries!

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The link to the "manual" is useless as well. The solution to a jammed lens is not covered by the Quck-start Guide or the User Guide from the manufacturer, which is provided by the link. This is certainly a common problem with this otherwise fine Canon camera. If I can find an answer, I'll return to post same, but haven't found an answer anywhere as yet.

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