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Diagnosing Driver Side Power Window issue

The driver side window has slowly gone out. I replaced the switch. Passenger side window operates fine using the new switch. Drivers side seems to try to engage and moves 1/8th of an inch. For a while it would go up and down sometimes. Now it is not working except it appears it is getting a power signal. My thought would be a failed window front motor but thought I would ask before replacing using this guide:

But as autos are not my forte I thought I would ask first.

Or do I need the relay?

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Hey @mayer you might want to check the regulator itself . They sometimes bind and cause the electric motor to run slow till it gets to the point were the regulator wont move at all . It can also bind on the window rails. The tracks can start to bind and cause the motor to slow. When I replace a motor for a window I usually replace the regulator as well .Let me know how it works out for your Caddy

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That was exactly my thought. i had not ordered the part yet but will now. I wanted confirmation first, thanks. I'll update this after replacing it,


@jimfixer I forgot to come back and tell you it worked.


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Sorry for my english,

Approximatively during these year (1992), GMC has this bad habit to connect the long switch located on the door, driver's side for all the windows of the car but only firmly maintain in place by one (1) nut located at one end of the connector.

You replace the switch but probably not the twist connector.

With summer heat, sun, winter cold, the plastic'connector twist out on the side where is no nut causing on and off between the electric switch and connector.


Remove the panel's door with caution, look at the electical switch power windows, put on this switch a tie-wrap on both side, nut or no nut. To secure electric contact between connector and electical switch power windows

You should be ok for year for the price of 2 tie-wrap and 1 hour approximatively of labor.

Try this non expensive repair before going costly.

Good luck

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