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Version más pequeña del iPad Pro original. Publicado el 31 de Marzo de 2016. Cuenta con una pantalla 9.7", procesador A9X y acciones de almacenamiento de 32/128/256 GB. Disponible en plata, gris espacio, oro y oro rosa.

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How can I open up a screen?

Hi hello greetings

Um... i have an ipad pro 9.7 model,

and i tried to open up a screen,

But I have a problem with applying a heat.

I used iopener kit which i bought from here

And hair dryer.. With suction cup.

People says if it works, then the screen will pop up little bit, disabled tape or whatever

But Nothing happens.. I can't put a pick or card. I can't put anything..

All i got is burning hot screen. What am i supposed to do...?

How am i meant to open this?? This is not easy at all..

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Is the screen broken, why do you want to remove the glass? A newer iPad will take more heat to loosen that adhesvive, that adhesvive is very strong, a hair dryer may not have enough heat. Is this your first time removing the glass from an iPad? Make sure your careful with the playing cards to not push them in to far to cause any damage to the internal parts.

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Run through the teardown of how the iFixit team did it here: iPad Pro 9.7" Teardown

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I did the same.. That iopener thing.. Doesn't work

- de

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once you poped it open place something thin in it or hold it that way and pry the sides slowly apply force but not to much.

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