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Adaptador de corriente alterna para MacBook, MacBook Pro y MacBook Air. Utiliza un conector magnético autoalineable que se desconecta de forma segura cuando se tira de él. Los cargadores MagSafe de primera generación (2006-2012) tienen un conector en forma de L ligeramente más grueso. Disponible en versiones de 45 W, 60 W y 85 W.

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Is it normal to have white paste inside charger or something leaked?

I decided to replace a cable in my MacBook charger (old MagSafe). I cracked it open and there is a large blob of some sort of white rubberish paste filling a good portion of the space inside:

Block Image

I am not sure whether it is a special filling paste or something (capacitor?) leaked. I was not able to find any obvious sorts of leakage.

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The white rubbery stuff is indeed a filler, I think it may help conduct heat towards the shell so as to avoid the formation of hot spots in the circuitry. It also helps to keep the components in place, which is a good thing because power bricks are relatively prone to rough handling.

Of course, it also makes the power brick more difficult to repair, but then, power bricks as a rule should be replaced, not repaired. Repair of power bricks by non-experts in particular are not unlikely to present a significant safety hazard.

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I just replaced the cable by unsoldering the old one and soldering new one. I would barely call it a repair. The place where wires were soldered was not covered by the filler, so it was not hard at all.

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There's always the exception that confirms the rule ;)

However, one should keep in mind that a carelessly executed repair might compromise the galvanic separation between input (mains!) and output (the equipment being powered, and by extension, your body).

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Thanks I will keep it in mind.

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