The device identification can be found on the side of the headset.

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Why are my beats only paring up and working while charging?

The beats will only work if they are connected to a power source, the Aux cable works perfect, but whenever i want to try the wireless mode it wont work, for example :

If the beats are being charge and i pair my iPhone it works and everything,but if I unplugged them from the charger it wont even turn on the Bluetooth

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I have Zedd solo doing the same thing


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Two problems I would investigate:

1. is the internal battery dead?

2. loose connections with respect to the internal psu/battery

try opening one of the speakers - the side with the charger port. take a look at these images for some guidance

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Excuse me, but which pictures ??


Ah sorry about that: Here are some links I just found

some of these images and articles are not specific to your edition but all speakers are constructed the same way, especially regarding power input and battery placement relative to speaker element (because of electrical noise from AC-DC-AC conversion and effects of relative distance and placement of electronics components on creating issues with use or the need for additional noise-reducing systems (which as you know, more things to subdue the symptoms could just mean more isolated malfunctions and harder to fix as there's no part to swap, when the entire system is degrading.)

let me know how it goes!


please solved my problem.When I plugged it can be work.When I unpluggedit can't be work.


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I have this problem just like when I plugged than it can be work.When I unplugged it can't be work.

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