The Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro is a 13 inch simple and easy to use hybrid laptop, created by Toshiba in 2014

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My computer is overheating a lot and I don’t know why

I have been using my laptop a lot lately and I noticed that it is getting really hot on my lap. It will occasionally shut down if it gets too hot. Is there any quick fixes to the issue?

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Hi guys , since last 10-15 days . in my laptop while i play some videos or movie it plays like scratching videos as well laptop is being slow too . i checked @ CPU meter app , it shows RAM on max uses and cpu is like normal , plzz hlp some idea . RAM meter is locate always above 48 is it normal or anythings else


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The laptop is overheating because of the surface that is being used upon. Depending upon the area it is being used can cause numerous issues. The main problem the computer can encounter is the overheating problem. This is a result of the air filter not receiving the optimal amount of airflow necessary for the device to run at optimal conditions. The simplest solution is to use the laptop on a smooth area with nothing that can hinder the airflow.

Another reason the laptop can encounter this problem is the CPU is being strained because of the amount items being run simultaneously. To fix this issue try opening the the task manger, right click on the windows icon -> select task manager-> Check CPU -> Close Unnecessary programs .

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