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The Amazon Fire HD 8 (5th Generation) is a sleek, black tablet released by Amazon in September 2015. Model Number: SG98EG.

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Why won't my Fire HD 8 play sound?

When I try to play games on my Fire HD 8, I can't hear the sounds and music the app makes. What should I do to make it work?

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Your volume may be muted. Use the right button on the top left side of the device to turn the sound up, or open “Settings” and tap on the “Sound and Notifications” option, and use your finger to slide the volume slider to your desired volume.

If you still don't have sound, check to make sure the speaker isn't covered and the headphones are correctly plugged in. Your headphones may be broken or your headphone jack may be loose. Contact Amazon Support if problem persists.

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All the suggestions given were checked however sound is still not working. What can I do. Any suggestions?

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The suggestions didn't fix the problem!!!!!!

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Still no sound on my Fire HD 8 tablet. Any other suggestions?

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I RESET the Tablet and it worked! My sound is back!

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