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La familia MacBook fue introducida en Mayo del 2006 y reemplazó a el iBook como la laptop para consumidores de Apple.

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What to do next

Need to know the next step(s) after the hard drive pic appears with an up arrow beneath the pic. It wants me to do something but I don't know what.

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This is for a MacBook A1181

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Are you installing an application? If you are it wants you to grab the application ICON and drag it to the HDD ICON.

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Thanks Brian, but this isn't an app install. Just a failure to boot normally.

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lumloy371 try this:

System Prefs>>> Start-up Disk. You have to make sure the OS X folder/drive is selected. It seem like your computer does not quite know where to find your OS. Of course it could also be that the Option key is being pressed at startup, or a setting which can be cleared by pressing the Option, Command, P, and R keys at startup, and releasing them after the second chime.

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