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Does this sound like a logicboard issue?

I'm wondering if you guys can help.

Got a G4 1.33 that will not boot.

Straight to flashing folder. When I boot using install disk (10.4) it usually gets only as far as a blue screen and hangs. I did get it as far as the utilities and

it could not see a HD to repair. Also fsck cannot detect any HD, only the Tiger install disk.So far sounds like a new HD is in order but before I pull it apart one thing bothers me. When I'm trying to boot, it will sometimes freeze on the grey screen, just stop mid boot and in target mode, if I let that run long enough it will freeze and the FW will stay stuck in the same place.

I wondering if it more likely a LB problem, what do you think, worth changing the HD?

Guidance appreciated

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Possible ESD hit RAM problem or seating problem. Remove the RAM and try booting from the System 9 installation disk by holding down the "C" key. If it works then it's the RAM. Reinstall RAM and try again. If it fails, replace it.

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Mayer, thanks for the reply. More questions I'm afraid. What is ESD? I have removed the additional 512mb stick and Airport card with same results. System 9 is OS 9 correct? That's on the Install disks that came with the Mac not the Tiger Upgrade, is that right?

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Electro Static Discharge

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Got it! Googled after I asked the question. Acronyms eh? PITA!!

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We're even, I had to google PITA ;-)

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