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Blue screen restarts and battery % unchanging

Alright well today I put in my Ifixit battery and followed the instructions to a T.. No problems and everything went mostly well cept for getting the battery off the adhesive.. Anyway phone works for the most part just fine.. But the battery % doesnt change at all.. I have to restart the phone to get it to show the current battery % .. Also the blue screen of death... Sometimes it will go an hour plus while im using it before it restarts and other times it will do it again all by itself within a few min... Mind you my phone never had this problem till today.. So is it my battery or did I mess something up? Reason I replaced my battery was due to me barely being able to get a half day out of it.. Right now with these problems id much rather take the half day life over restarts..

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Ok so 4/5/2016 update.. I have yet to figure the problem out but it seems I can go all day without a blue screen restart.. It only seems to happen after I turn it on or a few times when its first plugged in.. Not a super big deal to me just wish my battery % would work!


I really think you have a problem with the battery gas gauge line. It comes off the battery connection and tells the processor how much charge is in the battery. If the phone cant read battery level it can restart or cause blue screen. It's not uncommon to knock off the filer in the line when connecting or disconnecting the battery.


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i repair and sell only iPhones. Batteries are notoriously difficult to obtain good ones. i find ebay very poor but i use other a few select other traders. Even with a good supplier ,they can go through a bad batch.

this is why i take it upon myself to physically test each battery and then theres no comebacks which is bad for business.

its not so bad if i have 3 or 4 phones to test and here is the process i use.

charge batteries fully to 100%

turn on full brightness

auto brightness off

battery percentage on

torch on

auto lock never

then put back to home screen

let them run down until 10% and watch that the length of time has been approx 3.5 hours (its generally around this but depends on model and iOS )

once at 10%, turn off and back on, they should come back on at 9 or 10% . if they don't turn on and say connect to charge then they're no use or any that battery life goes up are also binned

any that pass that test are then subjected to a 2 minute video. if they don't manage to stay on the entire time or drop more than 4% then they are also binned

any that pass all this are successful and kept.

its a bit of a rigmarol but i get into the habit of it each morning and its no problem.

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Pretty time consuming if you ask me but you are right. It is difficult to obtain good quality iPhone batteries.


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I suggest seeing if you can find an original Apple Battery off eBay, even if it is used, it will be much better than any copy replacement shops sell. Batteries can be pulled from bad IMEI and iCloud locked phones and then sold on eBay, it may be a little more expensive but I would try that. If that doesn't fix your battery problem, your logic board may be damaged.

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I would look on the battery side of the logic board and near the battery connection. Sounds like you may have knocked a small component off, like the battery gas gauge filter, which causes both these issues. You may need to take an extremely zoomed in picture to get a good look. This is a fairly common problem and easily fixed with a little micro soldering.

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