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the Nike+ SportBand could be your new favorite running partner. It tracks your time, distance, pace and calories burned in an easy-to-read display, plus it links to where you can join challenges, map your routes and connect with friends-all without an iPod ®.

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Device Won't Power On

My device LCD screen does not seem to display anything. I don't know if the screen is broke or if the device is broke.

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There could be a few things wrong with your device. First, we need to determine if the device has been charged or not. Plug the watch in to the charger and let it charge over night. If the device still doesn't turn on in the morning, the screen could be damaged. Refer to the Troubleshooting page for further help.

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The screen works when plugged in it displays the Nike symbol

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It just won't power on with the button looks like the button is damaged somehow

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I have the same issue, the on button is damaged. It charge but does not turn on and the button cover looks loose.

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