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My iPhone 6 wont restore. Error 1005 - possible hardware issue


I have an iphone 6 and it crashed whilst using an app. It previously had pop-up notifications saying that I needed to update the system to os9 - I didnt get around to this.

Eventually the phone had the "connect to itunes" message. When I plugged the iphone into my mac it first showed an error of not being able to update and that it need a full restore.

It failed to restore (error 27) and then when I tried again again I got the 1005 error message.

I took the phone into an Apple store and they said they couldnt fix it. They took out the battery and tried to restart it - no joy.

My phone is now just showing the itunes message. - Is there any way of fixing the issue myself?

Kind regards, Livvy

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did you try to hard reset it when turning it on ? by holding down the power button and home button ?

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hello i got the same problem that you have in your iphone

did you fix it plz if you fixed can tell me

Am waiting bro

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I got exactly the same errors. For every iphone gen it seems like the number of errors/problems grow exponentially. A period of 7 yrs as a loyal iphone user is soon to be finished, will switch to android next time.

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