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El Kenwood Chef A701A es una batería de pie lanzada por Kenwood.

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Drive belt keeps coming off

I have re-assembled my Kenwood Chef (it actually might be an A901 but they are very similar) after replacing caps and resistor.

The drive belt wants to come off. It has burnt channels in the top cover!

Some forum answers have suggested that the motor is turning in the wrong direction.

Why is the belt coming off and what do I need to do to fix it?

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You may need a new belt . If the belt has heated and burnt on an edge it can cause the belt to go out of round . remove the belt and hang it from your finger . Does the belt hang straight or does it bend to one side if so it needs to be replaced . If this isnt the problem check the alignment of the pullies. make sure they align straight . if this is fine then make sure the belt is tight enough. Hope this helps

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