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How do you replace the clock battery?

Most times I power on my Dreamcast, it wants me to set the clock. I am told there is a rechargeable battery somewhere in it.

How do I go about replacing this?

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The internal CMOS clock battery is a rechargeable version of a CR2032. It is held off the board (vertically) with thin metal standoffs, each one lightly tac-welded to opposite sides of the battery.

You will need to disassemble the unit far enough to access the top of the mainboard, then carefully break the welds to release the battery. After that, you can replace it with a rechargeable CR2032 (do an internet search for it), a standard CR2032 (which may not last too long), or further modify it to work with another 3.0V rechargeable battery setup that has a larger mAH capacity.

DC's are surprisingly mod-friendly and have a nice bit of internal open space.

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Here's a video showing the process.

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I already written a guide for other sites, and I just added a guide for fixit.

Dreamcast CMOS Battery Replacement

It is a medium difficulty repair, due to the fact that there is soldering/ desoldering involved with a battery.

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PROBLEM: The Dreamcast has an internal clock which is what drains the battery. When the battery is drained it doesnt keep the time, which is why it asks you to set the time and date on every boot up. SOLUTION: The battary is rechargible duh? Well why replace it, to recharge the battery turn on dreamcast set the date time etc. Now keep the system running on the Browser for at least 2 hours, the battery wont charge when power is off. Leaving the A/C cord in the system while not in use doesnt count. Now after 2 hours turn off console then switch back on, it should still be set. The internal battery will last 1 week without charge, so repeat every few days. You can still play dreamcast while charging just don't turn off power when switching games. Hope i could help, if any more issues look at user manual which can be found online.

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