problems after new HD install!


My dads iBook G4 is 5 years old and the problem was that in a period of 1 month some of the programs didn't work anymore and towards the end it got realy bad and sometimes the ibook wouldn't start anymore.

Someone told me it was the HD that was broken so I replaced it with the guide from ifixit, it whent great and everything worked again but after about 1 or 2 hours after I finished the ibook got stuck again , but in a different way, one moment everything works and the other moment it gets stuck for a reason I can't figure out..

the laptop stays on but the rainbow wheel keeps runing and eventualy I have to turn the laptop off with the powerbutton.

Afterwards it mostely needs a few times of triyng to restart becose almost every time when I restart, a grey screen shows and stays like that.

But when it turns on the right way, everything works fine for a little while.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

The only thing I found that could maybe be the problem is; a bad running fan or something I damaged when I replaced the HD, but I was realy carefull and followed the exact steps from the guide..


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How was the new hard drive software loaded?

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