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Why is my device not charging?

I connect my device to the USB cable and never charges unless I hold the cable.

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Hi Daniel,

This problem sounds like you have a faulty MicroUSB port on your Flip 2. On occasion, the Flip 2's MicroUSB port may become dislodged, causing issues in charging or connectivity. You can try soldering the MicroUSB port back onto the circuit board. You can visit our guide here for more information on the repair of the port.

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it sounds like the charge port is broken if it needs to be in a certain position to work

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I charge my flip 2 & it doesn't charge.

Update (04/27/2017)

Yes I have to position it a certain way but still don't get full charge & how much would it cost me to get this repaired and where can I go.

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Hi Veronica,

Did you solve the problem already and if yes, diy or specialist repair? I have the same problem.



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