A 5.0" HD display Android device released in September 2015.

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Why is my phone responding so slowly?

It was running very fast when I just got my phone, but it seems to be running slower and slower. It takes a long time to process simple stuff, like opening the setting menu, and loading messages. Sometimes the screen freezes when it multi-tasks.

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My phone has the same issue. Except mine has been like this since I bought it. I have a Grand M & have removed all extra apps besides FB


I also have this issue and more straight out of the box brand new. And keep getting ** isn't responding even about apps and programs I haven't been using it trying to use. And randomly just reboots itself or freezes and I have to press power button and go into sleep screen then back to lock screen to get past it


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Have you tried deleting some files from your phone? The reason why your phone is responding slowly might be because of how much memory is used up. Try deleting some unused files or back them up on a different device.

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