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Does anyone know how to remove debris from under the laptop screen?

I suffer from psoriasis so there's a lot of dust and skin flakes around my room. Unfortunately, some dust and skin flakes have started to accumulate under the screen of my laptop. Does anyone know how to disassemble the screen so I can clean the debris out?

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As far as I know you can only clean under the frame as the lcd is a Sealed unit. There's some screws covered with rubber seals on the frame just undo them and remove the frame. That reveals some screws for the lcd, remove them and then the lcd should come away. Jus be careful of the ribbon cable attaching the lcd to the laptop.

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My laptop doesn't have a bezel like most laptops. I tried separating the LCD from the digitizer based on other numerous Toshiba Satellite touchscreen laptops. But it seems that the LCD is glued to the digitzer on my model.

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