Why is my screen black? Can it be repaired?


A friend recently damaged the screen of their chromebook. At first, the screen was mostly white with some colored lines running along the screen. The back light seemed to be partially damaged because some places were dimmer than others. I ordered a replacement screen and installed it according to a guide. The screen worked fine and the image was back to normal.

Sadly, that only lasted for about 30 seconds. I smelled smoke so I powered off the chromebook. I opened it back up and checked all of the connections to make sure they were connected correctly. They appeared to be, so I tried booting it back on a few hours later. The screen this time was completely black. I reinstalled the old screen and it had the same issue, the screen was black.

I figured the data cable connecting the motherboard and the screen may have been damaged, so I replaced it. That did not work either. I plugged in a HDMI cable and used it to connect to my TV. When connected to the TV everything works fine, but it does not recognize that the built in screen is connected at all. Any ideas as to what could be the issue? Thanks.

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