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El Acer Extensa 2509 presenta un procesador Intel Celeron N2930 con gráficos Intel HD.

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Why is my cousins laptop screen turned white?

Me and my cousin has been trying to fix a Acer laptop. Every time we turned on the laptop screen is always on white and lines down on the left side of the screen. We removed the battery and hold down the turn on button more than 60 seconds. We tried shutting it down but it doesn't work at all.

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If the screen is turning on the lighting is ok. So it is an image signal issue.

You should check the flat cable on the back of the screen, to ensure that is seated properly.

But when I read twice your description I have noticed you mention some lines in a corner of the screen, so the problem is related to the t-con of the screen.

The easiest fix is to replace the screen (same size and technology).

Hope this helps.

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