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Replace filter drain hose

This device does not have an ordinary debris filter. Instead there is a "Drain Pump Filter" located near the floor at the left front of the washer behind a small door. Before cleaning the filter you are directed to "remove the plug from the drain hose and allow the water to drain completely."

This hose on my machine has deteriorated and developed a hole. Question is, how can I replace this hose? The door comes off easily and one screw holds a frame on the inside. Once these are cleared, I can see no convenient way to get to the hose to replace it nor can I find the part on the LG website.

Any help will be gratefully accepted!

Update (02/22/2016)

Thanks for asking. I was so wound up in my problem I completely forgot this info. Here it is:

Mfg: LG

Model: WM0642HW

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@eddie311 what model is your washer?


LG wm0642hw with "de" fault.


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@eddie311 toward the bottom of this page, under documents, you can now download the service manual for your washer. Look for the LG wm0642hw document. It should help you with your repair.

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Thank you so much. Should be able to fix anything else that goes wrong as well!


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