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Procesador modelo M7572 / 400 o 500 MHz G3

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Why does the pismo freeze on install?

My Pismo has been great for a decade. However, now the machine has kernel panics, won't boot off a hard drive and freezes on the install disk.

The Pismo was running fine and then it started acting strangely (freezes, slow responses, etc.). Then came the kernel panics and then it wouldn't boot at all. I thought I had traced the problem to a bad hard drive, and then more specifically to a bad connector between the hard drive and the computer. So, I rebooted without a hard drive, using the Tiger install disk, hoping to install the OS onto an external firewire drive. Everything was going fine until midway through the install, the process stops and the message, "There were errors installing the software. Please try reinstalling." I tried but the same thing kept recurring.

I know the install disks are fine, as I used them to install Tiger on an iBook. I know the external firewire drive is fine because I booted off a previous installation on the iBook.

I am at a loss. I've made sure the daughter card was firmly attached to the mother board. As I say, I've removed the HDD. I don't think it's RAM because the same RAM has been in the machine for years. There is no PRAM battery installed, so it can't be that.

So, the problem in a nut shell: the Pismo will boot only off the install disk but it won't complete an installation using the disk. Right now, the machine is no more than a paperweight. HELP, please. I thank you in advance for any assistance. Will

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Can you give us some information on this installation disk?

Does it look this this:

or this this:

Here's the system requirements for Tiger:

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- de

Thanks for your attention. I should have written earlier to excise my question. After some further trouble shooting I discovered that the problem was a piece of bad RAM. I had been using this memory for years and there had been no problem, then suddenly it wrecked everything. Now that it is removed the Pismo works fine. I'll need a new RAM module, but at least I can continue to use my favorite computer of all time.

Thanks again for looking in on me. This is a great site.

- de

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