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poor gps after screen and battery replacement

iphone 5, replaced cracked screen and battery, since then very poor gps tracking in maps and google maps . looks like it is only using cell triangulation . is there a way to actually see signal strength ( app?) possible common issues/ start points to look for ?

wifi signal is good and cellular is good as well

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I would guess try resetting your cellular settings, or just do a reset. If other things are working it almost doesn't sound like there's a hardware issue

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well considering it began immediately after replacing the screen and battery, and was working 100% before, it seems to be far more likely I've possibly dislodged or damaged the cable or connection than a software issue .

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Try disconnecting and reconnecting your battery, then connecting to wifi. Sounds like you just did that. But, it also sounds like that's where this is coming from, if wifi and cellular are working just fine

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