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El iRobot Roomba 560 es un aspirador automático lanzado en 2009.

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Access to Roomba 560 circuit board.

I have a faulty Roomba 560. afer substitution teting I gather the problem is in the board.

I suspect the problem may be in some capacitor as the problem is intermitent but recurring.

simple screw driver dismantling left me short of the pcb.

Where can I find instructions to access the pcb?

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Did you try to find solution from irobot customer care? I think you should not fix roomba by yourself, it's still a high tech machine anyway

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Oh, try to find answers form other sites like I've just catched it last week and it's quite useful

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Hi, Here's a link to the service manual. Hope it helps.

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+ research

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Thanks, most useful info

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I had a similar problem, but had to replace some sensors on the board. Looked all over for a fix. Found an affordable one that worked well. took an hour or so.

I'd recommend it. Took forever to find the site though.

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Here is quick fix for your roomba.


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