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My AirPort card rejects passwords

iBook G3 A1005 M 8758LL A

I can't get the AirPort card to accept my AP's WiFi password! My network is identified. Password is not correct according to the error message.

Also, I took my iBook to the local coffee shop that has WiFi and uses a login page. My iBook will not log in by clicking the 'Connect' dialog box.

Also, I tried the "hotspot" on my iPhone 6, same issue found the signal but rejects the password!

I have connected my iBook to my home network via cable, got the network and an IP address, but rejects the password!

Update (01/31/2016)

I have Charter cable internet. I have D-Link 825 wireless router that has the pass word. I even tried going from the modem directly to the iBook, and checking the internal Ethernet on the iBook,, sort of worked, just did not d/l all that may have been on the page searched such as photos

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You maybe facing a compatibility issue here as your iBook's AirPort card & OS are limited on what they will work with for a WiFi AP connection.

You see, your iBook's AirPort card is only able to support 802.11b wireless connections. So, if the WiFi AP you are trying to connect to is either a 802.11g, 802.11n or 802.11ac AP it maybe not setup to accept 802.11b connections. You also have a second issue here, if the AP is yours you have it setup to accept WPA or WPA2 connections. Your AirPort card and OS you have on this system won't allow you access as it can't do WPA or WPA connections.

The last thing you might be facing here is the network password to allow you access to the AP (coffee shop). You will need to access them what it is or how to get one as its not your systems password and it also maybe case sensitive so you may be required to use UPPER case, MixED case or all lower case.

Update (02/01/2016)

The password is only for the WiFi connection, not the Ethernet connection.

When connected via the Ethernet connection: Sounds like what you saw was the limitations of the web browser you are using. The problem is the Web sites standards are moving forward while your system browsers standards it understands is standing still ;-{ So you are able to see something (granted not the greatest rendering of the web page).

So now what happens when you connect via the WiFi AP, killing the WPA security (password requirement) for the test. Are you able to see the same web page as bad as it is?

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I'm betting my airport card is just a "b" and my router in an "N" thats the reason. Prob going to have to buy a USB type haven't found a airport card for the 3g that is extrem

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Hold that thought! You may only need to fix the Routers settings to allow your 802.11b AirPort to connect using WEP as your only encryption option. Sorry not very strong ;-[ If you want WPA or WPA2 you'll need to use an USB WiFi adapter which offers the needed drivers for your OS - This maybe almost impossible ;-{ The last option here is getting an external Ethernet connected Router to then setup to connect to your AP (that's if you have some distance between your system & AP which you can't get an Ethernet cable to).

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I have connected an Ethernet cabel, and it gets an IP address assigned. still will not accept the required pass word! I have been looking at USB ones also.

I use to have access to the D-Link 825 router I have but that, for now, is hard to find again. still looking for that.

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Another interesting issue using my iPhone as a hotspot, the iBook sees it but rejects the pass word.

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Not following you here, a directly connected Ethernet cable connection shouldn't be asking you for a password. Who is your ISP and do you have any devices presently connected via this cable router to the Internet?

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Connect to your modem router box administration through an USB cable and switch off the Wifi security key. And tell me If you can connect with success.

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Don't have a USB to USB cable

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I agree! A fully opened WiFi connection should work as long as it's not blocked by the version of 802.11 service or MAC address filtering. What still has me scratching my head here is the Ethernet connection is asking for a password. So I'm wondering who's service is he using that requires a PW to gain access to the Internet via a wired connection???

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