USB Port jarred / How can I open the case?

I am having trouble finding the exact model I'm using online, but my passport recently fell from my bed while attached, and this caused the usb port in the back to... screw up. Now, the computer will not detect it when plugged in. The plug doesn't seem to be able to go in all the way anymore, or sit securely in. It wobbles and slips out very easily.

Would this be expensive if I took it to a computer shop for repair?

Can I repair it myself?

How can I open my passport, so that I might try to repair the dock? If I need to specify exactly which passport I'm using, how can I ID that model specifically to you guys?

ANY help at all would be vastly appreciated. My life is on this thing. I can't just lose it. I'm confident the problem is merely with the dock and that the drive itself is fine. The lights come on as normal when I plug it in.

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