trying to locate short with bench ps

Hi , I have an iphone 5c logic board with a short across battery terminals , i am trying to find the shorted component using freeze spray and bench power supply ,

I have set the volts to 3.8 but even with the amps set to maximum i am not seeing anything getting hot , when i turn it on the volts drop to .5 , .

Am i doing something wrong ?

Block Image

Block Image

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could this be because i only have a 2 amp power supply


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The way I find shorts is similar to how you are trying to do it. I have a 2 amp DC power supply similar to yours pictured. I start off with the voltage at 0v and slowly raise it till it trips my DC power supply(the two displays on my power supply will flash all zeros when it trips and also has a led indicator that will light up). I am not sure if your power supply has that function or not. I have my amp setting on 2 amps also. I am currently working on a shorted HTC One m7 motherboard and I was only able to supply 1.5v before tripping my power supply. So basically I start at zero volts and provide as much voltage as I can and once it trips the power supply I decrease the voltage until I am at the highest voltage the phone will take before tripping the PS. Once I have the voltage at the desired level I then check for heated components to locate any shorts. This method has worked well so far. If you locate and remove the bad component then you should be able to raise the voltage back up to 3.8v. If you can raise the voltage back to normal than its a good indication you have found the faulty component. Now replace with a good component and see if the device can function properly. Hope this helps you out.

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Hi , im not too sure if my power supply is shorting , when i increase the voltage (as you suggest ) the 4 dots you can see in the amps window on my photo flash when i get to around 0.8 volts . I can then increase the amps and the voltage increases slightly , but i think it is still delivering power .


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