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The Roku 3 (Model: 4200) is a third generation streaming device released on March 5, 2013. Connect to any television or video display with correct input connections to stream available content.

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Volume Button Replacement For enhanced remote

Where can I purchase a replacement momentary pushbutton for the roku 3 enhanced remote?

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I busted out the digital calipers and found the part on Digi-Key. Panasonic EVQP7A01P or EVQP7J01P. The difference is the operating force. I ordered each one to see which one felt better before I soldered it in. The (A) model force is 2.2N and the (J) is 1.6N. They are $.31 each and shipping was $5 for 3 day transit.

Screenshot of spec sheet. This shows drawing No.1 which is the section for the (A) and (J) option. But the full link and ordering links are below.

Block Image

Link to full spec sheet

Link to (A) Model on Digi-Key

Link to (J) Model on Digi-Key

I’ll try to remember to post which one I like better, but if I don’t, well, it’s cheap enough you could order both and make your own decision.

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Thank you so much for sharing this fix!

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I just successfully finished my repair! Digi-key was amazingly fast with shipping (which is a real bonus in Canada).

I recommend the lighter-action switch - the J version. Works like a champ.

Pro-tip: I also recommend cutting the old switch in half with sharp side-cutters, to assist in removing the switch without toasting your PC board.


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I have the same problem with my Remote, the "up" volume is broke.

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