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La Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 es una cámara digital compacta con resolución de 12,8 MP, capacidades de video 4K HD y acceso Wi-Fi. Fue lanzada en noviembre de 2014.

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How do I deal with a cracked screen?

I dropped my camera on the screen side and there is a large crack running down the middle of the screen as well as some other smaller cracks around it. The rest of the camera is still working fine so I figured it was still usable. The problem is that every time I take a picture, I cannot see it around the crack so I don't know if it is a good picture. What should I do?

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Hi Sydney,

Thanks for the question! Since the rest of your camera is functioning as it should, it seems like you just need to replace the LCD screen. After doing so, your pictures should show up as normal. Please refer to our LCD screen replacement guide to switch out your screen and get your camera working as new!

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Dear Dye, if you can't replace it's LCD display, just use the viewfinder instead. You can wait, too, to use the LukiLink gadget. See it on:

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