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The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 is a compact digital camera with 12.8 MP resolution, 4K HD video capabilities, and Wi-Fi access. It was released in November 2014.

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Why does my camera keep freezing after I take a picture?

Every time I take a picture, the image stays on the screen for upwards of 10 seconds, and I often have to turn the camera off and back on before I can use it again. This, of course, makes taking quick back-to-back pictures extremely difficult, and I usually miss great photo opportunities.

I've tried holding the power button for 10 seconds to reset the device in hopes of resolving the issue. I have searched for other online resources but haven't been able to find any answers. I'm not tech savvy enough to know if it's a software problem or if I need a new screen or a whole new camera.

What do you suggest I do so that my camera stops freezing in between shots?

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Hi Olivia! This is a great question that a lot of people are having troubles with. From what it sounds like, the camera freezing after you take a picture may be due to a broken motherboard that needs to be replaced. You can refer to our motherboard replacement guide for help in completing this task.

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