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Gigaset tablet won't turn on

I have a gigaset tablet that has a cracked screen can it be fixed?

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teredock possibly. There are a few different models of that tablet. You will have to give as much information as possible. The other issues with those tablets is the fact that some of the displays are hard to get aftermarket.

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I have the same problem with my q830, the silver version. I really loved my gigaset 8" tablet, but afraid to purchase another for obvious reasons. I have contents on it that I wish I could retrieve.

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Hi @Marvella Simmons,

Just to clarify your problem.

Does your tablet turn on or not?

Does it turn on but has a faulty LCD screen (no image)?

Does it turn on, the LCD screen is OK (there is a good image) but the touchscreen (digitizer) doesn't function?

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Will not power up at all. No light. Battery charge ok. Just tried to power up today and nothing happened.

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1 Respuesta ROM your tab

2.extract it


4.chose scatter file (like mt6825 _sccater)

5.connect your tab on download

Update (01/23/2016)


Yes your tab renew screen is possible

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ammar, this is not going to repair a cracked screen.

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