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How do I fix my hinge assembly?

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I have been having troubles with my c655d(I think that's the model can't remember the second part of the number). I'd gotten the thing years ago as a Christmas present and it worked for the longest time but then started clicking and lifting up on the right side. I'd finally gotten around to opening it up and discovered the hinge assembly on the right side wasn't even attached to the case anymore. Is there a possibility it could be fixed or is it a lost cause? I probably need to check a few other things to make sure on it but this seems to be the biggest issue since it screwed up so many chargers. I'd like to fix it and some other laptops I've acquired(hand me downs they my grandmother had that I'd love to fix up and upgrade if possible after I figure out if this one is fixable)

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JB weld is wonderful for reattaching hinges that are attached to plastic. Whenever I need to repair any plastics on computer cases this is what I us. It works well on aluminum as well . Make sure to clean the area around the fix with solvent( I us isopropal alcohol) to make a strong bond . Completely surround the hing but don't get any on the moving areas of the hinge or it will stop the hinge from opening.

Hope this helps

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Well I'm also wondering if there's some things I should check on the computer too. I see to recall having overheating issues that caused the plastic ring they had on the end to overheat and refuse to go in. I just don't want to give up on the computer if I can somehow turn it into my old pc game computer....

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what is the model to know which machines had issue.

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C655d-s5088 (finally had a chance to get a look at it)

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While you have it apart the heat issues with this machine come from bad thermal protection at the heat sink. the heat sink gets plugged with dirt and cause the overheating then the thermal paste to hardens and cracks causing more problems .So clean the heat sink and remove the heat sink from the laptop and reapply new thermal paste when re assembleing remember to clean off the old paste before applying the new . If you need help with the removal of the heat sink and applying thermal paste let me know

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Well I'll have to wait to even attempt to fix it(we're getting ready to have some winter weather and I forgot to look and see if anyone had the paste, and weld though what places might were probably closed anyways already)

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