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The Keurig Mini B-31 is a compact single cup hot beverage brewer that uses Keurig's K-cup dispensing system.

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HELP I dropped my needle into my Keurig Mini Reservoir!

I was doing the "needle trick" and my needle fell into the Keurig. When I shook it around I can see that it is in the reservoir! :(

Does anyone know how I could get it out? OR should I not be worried about it? I am scared it will rust and get into the water.

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Get tweezers and take it out.

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That's the problem, I don't know how to get into the water reservoir. It's a Keurig Mini so it doesn't have that open reservoir on the left like some of the newer versions. It's sealed off.

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Tip it upside down and shake it

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I don't think you understand. The water reservoir is sealed off. There is no open top for the needle to "just fall out"...that's what my entire problem is!

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Ohh, ok.

Well, i do not know then, sorry.

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I did the same thing. Only I dropped one of the round plastic washers into the reservoir. I'm doing a complete tear-down now and don't know what I'm doing. It"ll be a miracle if I get this thing back together.

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