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El Samsung Galaxy Note II es un teléfono inteligente que destaca por la combinación de una pantalla grande y un software optimizado para un lápiz óptico auto almacenable integral.

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cannot turn on the phone even when its fully charge

I was charging my note 2 and it is turned off but once it was fully charge I turn the phone on and it is stuck on Samsung galaxy logo and doesn't want to turn my phone on. I drained the battery again and let it fully charge again and it does the same thing all over. Is it my battery?

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Thanks for your question.

Sorry for your troubles.

It could still be the battery that is causing the issue. Best way to test it is to replace the battery. Price is about ten bucks if ordered online. If your looking in town for a replacement make sure you are getting a Samsung brand battery.

If the issue pursists then it could be thst the hardware of the phone is just getting old. The motherboard could be buring out capacitors and resistors. That would definitely be causing your phone from booting up.

I commend you for holding on to your note 2 for so long. I'm rocking a note 3 as my home wifi device.

If you have a trusted cell repair professional then I would take it in to get a diagnostic done.

Mentally prepair to possibly replace your Note 2

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