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Serie de laptops Vizio disponibles con pantallas de 14" o 15.6".

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Why won't my Vizio thin and light power on?

My thin and light will not power on. I've tried resetting it. holding the power button down for 56 seconds, and f10, and still nothing. All I have is a black screen that will not come on at all. Can someone please help me?

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Does it start with the power adapter connected and on? If not, what lights if any are on when you connect the charger, either when just charging or trying to start? Can you hear (feel?) the fan at the back of the laptop running when you try to start?

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No it doesn't start with or without the power adapter. The adapter still turns green or yellow. I don't hear anything when trying to start it. It doesn't do anything. When I try to power it on, the white light on the bottom is on to show when it's off or on.

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Suggest you contact Vizio (here is a link Scroll down for PC warranty. Also check if your warranty is still valid. Most manufacturers give a 12 month warranty, valid from date of purchase.

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My vizio 15.6 thin + light laptop not work with out the charger being plugged in? It runs windows 8 and my dad just bought it off of amazon. This is the second one we received with the same problem. However, when I run my mouse over the battery icon a tab pops up stating 0% available (plugged in not charging) while my charger is plugged in. But I noticed that it is flashing from yellow to green, assuming it stays solid green when it is correctly charging the computer. I don't want to belive that the charger is causing the problem due to how pricy they are. Is there any other way to fix this problem without having to send it back for the second time?

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I'd say the flashing yellow/green sounds like an error code of some sort. Can't find a translation sheet online, though...

First thing I'd suggest is to look closely at the charger's power connector on the laptop side. Even if there isn't any breakage, ensure nothing is bent, especially in the plastic block housing. If that looks off in any way, I'd just go ahead with a cheap charger:

This isn't super cheap at $15 shipped, but it's half the price of the genuine Vizio charger. Not as pretty but should get the job done.

Else, and probably more likely, your battery is dead. I think there are videos on YouTube to help you replace it yourself, if so inclined, and I'm sure you can find the parts somewhere online (don't know costs...).

Well, it could be a component issue along the pathway between the charging port and the battery's internal location. Seems unlikely that this would happen unless it's been dropped or hit, or taken to the beach to get sand inside.

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