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La Kenmore Elite HE3 es una lavadora de Kenmore.

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Again FH error code

Here we go again. FH error code at the beginning of the spin cycle at 16 min remaining on the timer on the normal cycle.

Washer fills, drains, and can spin when I manually drain the machine. When I run the diagnostic test it stops forever on C05 and continue as if it is on wash.

I have seen all the questions and YouTube videos on this subject but I have not found anything wrong. I have cleaned the front filter. Checked and cleaned the rear assembly where the pressure hose attaches. I have cleaned and inspected the pressure hose for leaks and kinks. I have tested the pressure switch by blowing through the hose and can here the two clicks. The wire connectors are all attached and nothing appears inoperative.

All I can think of is to replace the pressure switch anyway and if that does do it it must be the main circuit board.

Anyone have any advice on this one?

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I had the same problem! My husband looked at it yesterday and fixed it! He said the filter at the back was totally clogged. He cleaned it and I have done about 3 loads without any issues...Prior to him doing that, I would get the same error code that you mentioned.

The machine would stop and beep until I reset it or shut it down. It would also stop at the exact same spot each time.

Anyway, all fixed now! Hope that helps....

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Ooops didn't realize I was signed into my husband's account....Rob was the one who figured it out :D

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