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2.26 o 2.4 GHz / Carcasa Unibody de plástico blanco

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Late 09 MacBook acting up

Hey all,

My late 09 Macbook is acting strange lately. Basically after a while it starts to randomly click on places, zoom in zoom out on pages. 2.26 ghz, core 2 duo, 5gb ram running 10.9.5

At first I suspected the hard drive - I had a spare drive in there installed a new copy of Mountain lion and it started doing it as well.

Then I suspected it was the trackpad so I plugged in a USB mouse and it was still doing it. Well this didn't cure the issue.

Then I installed smc fan control to see the temperature and it was running 71C just idling I had rvpscvchost service running and utilizing 99% of my machine once i killed that the temperature dropped down to 44C.

However this didn't resolve the random clicking. So I just discovered the "ignore trackpad when USB mouse is plugged in" so I set that up to see if this fixes anything.

While I await and see if this in fact does help. Can anyone shed some light for me what's going on here? Also what is this rvpscvhost service that was using 99% on the CPU?

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Well the issue seems to have resolved the issue by choosing "ignore trackpad when a USB mouse is present"

So I think it's safe to say that it is the trackpad that's having issues.

Now onto the question - Anything in particular that can be wrong with these trackpads? Is it worth removing it and cleaning it?

I looked around online and I've found some as cheap as $30..

- de

Yeah they eventually wear out, you could try removing it from a teardown guide and clean where it connects underneath also check the connector see if there is debris or a corrosion around the socket. If it fails time to order another trackpad.

- de

Yah it's toast. I removed it tried cleaning the connector with alcohol and same with the top surface seems like there is a few dead spots on it when I move my finger across the surface.

I think I'll just order a new trackpad for the $30 it is online.

- de

Good glad to help .

- de

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Unplug the trackpad from the motherboard the fan will run high but see if it's still doing it with usb mouse.

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