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La Canon AE-1 es una cámara de película réflex de objetivo único (SLR) de 35 mm para usar con lentes intercambiables.

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Why does the mirror lock up after shutter is fired?

The advance lever works, and the shutter button does too, but once I fire the shutter, the mirror stays up (it's like im doing a long exposure). So I remove the 6v battery and right away the mirror drops, but then I place the battery back in and it happens all over again.

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I do to at slower speed settings and I wonder if it is a lube issue since I barely use this oldie..

Will post if I ever get a fix..

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Did you ever fix? Having same problem!

- de

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There’s a wire inside the top cover. It links the speed dial with another dial and a spring located in the left side under the rewind lever. It it’s either broken or loose (spring tension is lost or it went out from the pulleys) the speed will always go to infinity and the mirror wont come down until reseting the signal. You have to replace the wire if broken or set it tight again if its loose.

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