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Guides and repair information for assorted graphics cards, also known as video cards, graphics adapters, or display adapters.

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Best way to clean my GTX 760 video card

Hello, Every couple months I like to open up my computer and try to dust it out to the best of my abilities. Today I opened it up just to see and my computer was not horrible.

But then I looked a my video card (GTX 760). It Was covered in dust. All sorts of dust are stuck in the card heat sinks. I would like to know the best way to clean it. I do not know if a conventional air can will be able to do the job. Thanks

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What i would do is use a dust can. If it is still dirty you can remove the plastics (If any) from it and use a small brush and air to slowly wipe it away. This is just a lot more time consuming.

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