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iPhone 5 restarts pernantly after battery-change


After replacing the battery (bought in the ifixit-store) the iPhone 5 restarts permanently. iOs 9.1 starts, and about 1 to 3 Minutes "life" the Phone restarts by himself.

The screen goes in some strange colors, after approx one second the phone restart. There is no need to give the Sim-PIN after the restart.

I rested the phone - there is no cure. During the new setup-process the phone restarts 2 times :-(

Any ideas? Thanks for your answers!

Regards, Martin

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The battery may have issues, or you may of damaged the motherboard during install. a short circuit or bumping an IC for example. Try a different battery to determine if its a battery or phone issue.

Good Luck

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A common issue with the Iphone 5 during a battery replacement is damaging the "Gas Gauge" circuit around the battery connector. If you have any soldering skills, it is possible to get it repaired. Any competent shop that does motherboard repair can help you.

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How does such damage look like? Is it possible to see it (with a magnifier).


it usually on the right side of the connector. Having a schematic will help tremendously. just do a google search on iphone 5 board schematic.


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