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A hard disk could not be found.

Trying to reinstall Windows 7 premium

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I need a bit more information. Why are you reinstalling Windows?

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Try formatting the hard drive then try loading windows . When you are doing the install choose custom and then select format and carry on from there

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I have a feeling you'll be buying a new hard drive soon. But first, download a hard disk test utility and use it to see if it's truly dead. I keep a copy of Rescatux on a CD for just these occasions; it does all kinds of fixit jobs like deleting passwords or moving all yourdata files off a failing HDD.

If you don't want to either buy a new hard drive or new computer, you can get some more life out of it by booting PuppyOS off a CD. It runs pretty fast and has a lot of built in apps. You can save data to a flash drive.

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