How do I fix the charging port

I need to kno how to open my speaker to fix the charging port!

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my sharkk boob box speaker all of a sudden stop playing i didn't drop it or any thing. Could u tell me if there is a reset button or something you information on this subject will be very helpful.


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So I opened up my Sharkk because it had water damage, so I was pretty cavalier about it. But it's actually not that hard if you know how!

Remove the back metal grating. This isn't hard, just use some tweezers and pry it out. Then you'll have access to six screws. Remove the screws, then the back underpanel comes out. You'll then have access to the motherboard, the (very rusty, in my case) battery etc.

The USB port is right there on the motherboard.

I found the OEM website, it has a nice accurate diagram:

The Sharkk is just a spin on this HFD-869TWS.

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thanks alot my charging port failed too only after 2 months of careful usage

i just need to know after i find the USB port what to do with it ?

I am a total dummy in maintenance and any help will be appreciated



Just open it up and see what the situation is.


ok will do and feed you back thanks a lot


Link to diagram appears to dead-end in an Asian language page without links or images. Do you have a better link? Thank you!


My sharkk commando won’t charge anymore got it tore down to the motherboard. But can’t take it out to see the issue for the charge port any ideas


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Bummer that it needs to be resoldered. Such a poor design for long-term use.

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