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The HP Envy dv7 is a Windows 8 laptop that sports a 17.3-inch screen.

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fan malfunction pc shutting down

Fan problem system shutting down every fifteen second. Where is fan located.

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Here's a quick read from HP on the subject, they make a few good points. Like they say, make sure the bios is up to date. If you enter the bios, if there is an option to allow the fan to run all the time, or at high speed all the time, choose that.

hp link

Make sure that when you're using the laptop, the intake fan highlighted in green, isn't blocked. This is also true for the exhaust fan in red. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to do what HaggisCat suggests, which is to use compressed air to clean out the fan. It's always a good idea to hold the fan still with something, small screwdriver, etc, while cleaning a fan with compressed air. This ensures that the fan doesn't spin faster than it was designed to run while cleaning.

Fan location graphic

Fan replacement video

Usually when using my laptop in bed, where the intake fan could get blocked by the comforter, I'll put a hardcover book underneath the fan intake port. I also have a couple notebook cooling pads, which are another good, affordable option.

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