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Help!Laptop fan starts low then goes full blast & unexpected shut down

Hi all,

I have an Asus K55VD-SX438D, i7 3630QM 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR3, 750GB, nVIDIA GEFORCE 610M - 2GB.

It starts well, fan runs normal then suddenly goes full speed and randomly shutdown: Event ID 6008.

Checked fan, heat sink, all very clean. Replaced CPU/GPU paste but nothing seems to work.

BIOS is up to date (v411) and no options at all to see/adjust fan settings.

When idle, SpeedFan and HWmonitor reports quite same values: 50C -ish and fan speed 2200rpm -ish.

When fan goes full blast, SpeedFan reports 50C -ish and fan speed 4200rmp -ish. HW monitor reports quite same temp but indicates a speed of 25500rpm which is unreal. Software bug or wrong data?

Now, you might rush to say "CPU overheating". Ok, I thought the same so I installed HeavyLoad stress tool and let CPU to reach 90C. It stayed like that for several minutes and no unexpected shutdown. Stopped the CPU stress test, temp dropped, fan still running full speed. Then BANG! Shutdown!

I have replaced the HDD (Win 8.1 Pro) with another HDD (Win 7 Pro). Same thing.

I have removed the HDD at all and run Knoppix from DVD. The fan still behaves stupid but no shutdown anymore (yet).

Even if I am just in BIOS (no HDD installed), the fan still goes crazy.

What can be wrong?

Thank you!

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haven't checked it out, but are there more than one motherboard temp sensors on your motherboard? You only mention cpu. I know maybe not relevant but in this link they mention motherboard sensors.

EDIT : Found this link re: motherboard temp sensors for your motherboard. Hopefully it may be of interest to you.

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Hi, Thank you for reply. I could see heat marks arround chipset and it goes very hot quite quick. It does not have a heatsink so I put few coins on top of it to dissipate the heat but it still shuts down so I assume is not even the chipset. Nothing else seems to be hot on the motherboard.


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Perhaps a desperate comment. Is it perhaps the PSU. There are all sorts of protections built into it overvoltage, undervoltage, thermal etc. maybe it is intermittantly failing and causing erratic behaviour before it shuts down Found this "In addition, since power supply plays a major role in cooling the computer’s innards check if PSU (Power Supply Unit) is functioning properly" in one of the possible causes of event ID 6008

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It does not seem to be the chipset which is an Intel X38 and it is meant to run hot. If would be, the shut down should occur at longer time intervals when cold and shorter time intervals when burning hot. But it doesn't, I can't see any relation between temperature and shut down. Also, the fan works random. Sometimes, when power up, the fan starts idle and the goes full speed (heatsink is slighlty warm) and sometimes the fan starts full speed.

It behaves the same: batery only, charger only or battery+charger so PSU is unlikely. Perhaps something wrong with VRM but I have no idea how to check this.


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Just read the k55vd user guide. On page 41 describes "Thermal Power Control" - I don't know if the values (user non adjustable) can be seen in BIOS (you say not, I don't disagree it states that they should be known) it describes three temp limits (doesn't give value) but states what happens when temp reached or exceeded. BUT does say that the temps represent the CHASSIS temp. Wondering if you have a faulty temp sensor which is located who knows where. Maybe you could look for any thermister looking type components on the motherboard and if you find any try using a fan or cool hair dryer on it and see what happens. Here is the ref I was looking (scroll to p41)

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I think u should just check it to the shop where u bought the laptop.....the shop clerk may know how to fix this problem

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