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15" Behringer speaker removal

How do I remove a 15" speaker from a plastic Behringer enclosure?

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Should be pretty straight forward. Typically the screws are on the front holding both the grill and driver in place. There might be some gasket or adhesive holding the speaker in place.

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Not straight forward, there are no screws..., I finally discovered that the front grill has to be gently pried up a little at a time from many points around it's circumference. A small thin putty knife worked well for me. A screwdriver could damage the plastic edge around the grill. Re-installed using a wooden mallet and again going around the circumference at various points tapping very gently.

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That's scary that they are just pressure fitted on there . Odds are that they would vibrate out as the enclosure ages.

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Yes, that is exactly what I am thinking. Everything was fine until I found it out, now I keep waiting for one of them to 'fly off'! Thanks for your post.

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