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Cámara instantánea Polaroid Sun 600 LMS. Lanzada en 1983.

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How do I install batteries?

How do I install the batteries in my Polaroid Sun 600?

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You don't need to install batteries for Polaroid 600 series cameras. These cameras use Integral film packs which has an inbuilt battery inside the pack. basically camera is powered by the film pack. This is why you shouldn't buy old expired Polaroid film packs. There is a good chance you end up with a pack which has dead battery. Only use Impossible Project 600 packs which are in production.

So you shouldn't have a Polaroid 600 battery problem. These Impossible Project film has very powerful battery they even ask you to return those once you used the pack.

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I'm not shure, but weren't the batteries in the filmpacks on Polaroids?

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Correct--the batteries are in the film packs. +

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Is ther a way to get your money back from some outdated film. I purchased a 5 pack of film, and they have an expiration date of 04/22, and they won't let me take pictures. Is there something else I can do?

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They are in the filmpacks underneath the film

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