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La tarjeta microSD de SanDisk es un dispositivo/medio de almacenamiento en formato TransFlash/microSD. Los estándar vienen en todas las capacidades diferentes, hasta 2GB. Fue lanzado en octubre de 2001.

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How to format password protected micro sd card?

micro sd 2gb


Its not formating :( me try 2 format wid my mobile but It asks password.... also tryd in card reader it nt showng

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my micro sd car is not formated

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no sd card my pc is show

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If thats the case, it might just be a defective card. 2GB micro sd cards go for less then $10 online, and about $15 in stores, so unless you have vaulable data on it (which i assume you don't since you want to re-format it) i would just replace it.

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we know to buy a new card, we ask how to format a password protected memory card, if you know the answer post it or keep silence , dont advice like this

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That's the whole point of password protection, to prevent you from accessing the data.

If you know how to ask a question correctly post it or keep silence, don't ask like this!!!

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I am in the same position, and there is a way to recover the sd to the default format, which is fat 32. Your problem might be that you've try to use it as MBR (Master Boot) and when it is formated to in MBR its really dificult to recover to default statement. what you can do is look for San Disk SD Formater, to chage its MBR format to Fat 32, instead of ready to stupid fighting to see who'se got a better answer! LOL

sincerely I hope you get to fix it, because it can be repaird with a software!

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